The Luxurious Line

This category of yarn is all things luxury. You will find high end fiber blends such as cashmeresilk, Baby Alpaca, and Yak/Silk blends. Because it costs more to provide these luxury yarns, they are priced higher than most yarns listed in the Watts Up Yarn Co. webstore. Our guarantee is that you will feel that every penny spent on these yarns is completely worth it. Not only will these hand-dyed luxury yarns be amazing to work with, we can promise that there isn't quite anything else our there like these. 

Please know that each fiber blend varies in price based on what type of fiber it is. To know exactly what blend of fiber you want, please make sure you read the product description thoroughly, for there will be same yarns added that are dyed in the same colorway but will have a different blend/weight. As always, if you are looking for a specific type of luxury yarn and you are not finding it, you may e-mail me personally at anytime at! We hope you enjoy this new line of pure luxury and we're looking forward to seeing what you make and hearing your feedback!