My 1st Trunk Show @ The Altered Stitch in L.A.!!!

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So it has been a little over 8 months since I started this yarn-dyeing journey. I cannot believe how far I’ve come in that period of time. Not only am I actually making sales but they stay pretty consistent! I still go through lulls but that is ok. I am definitely not doing this for money because I am still not actually making money and that’s totally ok. As long as I can continue to do what I love at this point, then I am happy! Some of the things I am most happy about I will be talking about but I have hit some major goals for myself that I never thought would actually be a reality! 

A few months ago, Watts Up Yarn Co. became a legitimate business! I can say I am an actual self-employed, small business owner! WHOA! That is a big deal to me. And I am very humbled by the fact that it took all my customers, fans and followers to stick by my side for me to do this. What an amazing accomplishment and I wish I could thank each and every one of you. Also, since Instagram has been my main outlet for advertising/marketing, I am also very proud and humbled that I’ve jumped from approximately 100 followers in the beginning to now having 837 followers! I am so close to that 1,000 mark and it’s so exciting! It’s just one step closer to my goal and personally I do not have an end goal. I want to continue to succeed and succeed and maybe I can make this my actual job. There’s so many things I wish I could do, mostly for my family. My daughter Leah is almost 3yrs old and she likes to dance!! I would love to get her in dance classes but I can’t afford it now. So my goal in this is to become a successful small business owner so I can do these very important and necessary things for my kids! 

About my 1st EVER trunk show since I started: 

I had a great opportunity to meet up with Rachel and Mary at The Altered Stitch a few months back and they’re seriously the sweetest! Just learning the history behind this brick and mortar shop, nothing could be more perfect than this! When I heard the story about Leah and her sudden passing in 2016, Leah’s vision and ideas drew me in. And I knew this was a place where I wanted to be. Leah’s support of indie dyers whether at their very peak of success or just starting off truly speaks to the nature of her soul. I never knew her but what I do hear about her, is that she was an amazing person who was very loving and accepting. I couldn’t be happier that I sought out this store and that Rachel and Mary decided to take me in! 

So starting April 15th, 2018 which is a Sunday, my trunk show will be taking place! I’ll have a variety of my colorways to choose from! So many amazing options.  ❤️❤️❤️ My yarn will be there until the end of April! And what’s also so exciting is that this will be taking place during the L.A. Yarn Crawl! 

For all the California/L.A. residents: please come to The Altered Stitch and check out what I have to offer! I couldn’t be more excited but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit nervous. I’m nervous to see how well it will go. I’m nervous because what if people don’t like what they see? But I quickly get rid of those terrible thoughts and just think positive! It will be great and I know my experience will be one for the books! 

Stay tuned to hear ALL about how it went! Here is to Leah and her vision!! 









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