How I Fell Into the Pot.

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So it has been about 5 months since I embarked on this hand-dyeing yarn journey. And let me just tell you, I LOVE IT! I feel as though I have finally found my calling, my niche, my passion, etc. Growing up, I wouldn’t say I was the most crafty person. I could never really sit down at a craft table and spend time being crafty because, well...I got bored easily. So I just deemed myself unfit for crafts 😂. But I remember as early as being able to pick up a crayon and put it to paper, that color just intrigued me. I think “colors” are taken for granted in our everyday life. But if you think about it, we accessories with color, we FEEL with color, and you can almost smell and taste with colors. It almost attracts all the senses! Haven’t you always wondered why people wear black to funerals? Or why a bride walks down the aisle in a white dress? So let’s face it - color is LIFE! We need it in our emotional, physical and cognitive existence. 

I never anticipated that I would learn so much about color as I have since I’ve begun dyeing yarn. By that, I don’t mean ‘Red and Blue make Purple’. It’s more like how much it truly can inspire and bring happiness. When I am working with dye and yarn there is not a single color that I look at and think “I don’t like that color” — instead I think of what possibilities and beauty can that color bring to a skein and ultimately to a finished product. That thought excites me and I’ve learned that is why I love it so much. 

It all starts with choosing what colors I’m going to work with. When I have chosen a nice palette, then applying the color in different ways and different volumes, it just gets me! There are seriously times I feel as though I am feeling the colors work in a magical way and it takes me to a happy place. I can say I never get bored when I am about to dye because there is really so many possibilities. I’ve learned that hand-dyeing yarn is TRULY an art — an art I feel is not fully recognized. Anyone could throw a bunch of dyes in a pot with yarn in it. But it takes dedication, inspiration and FEELING to really do it gracefully. This is what I am learning through this whole process at this moment. And I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. 

Working with different fibers is just an added bonus. This December will be about 1 year ago that I taught myself how to knit. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and needed to channel the negative energies inside me in different ways. I just happened to be on YouTube and scrolled through some videos of knitting. Now, if you would have asked me prior to this if I would like to try knitting, I can almost guarantee you it would be a big fat NO. That’s when I would sink down into my “unfit for crafts” slumber and just say I didn’t have the patience. But something else came over me...I was attracted to how amazingly SOFT and fluffy the particular yarn looked in the video I was watching. It was more than just a feeling at that point, it was an obsession. From that point on, I was obsessed with learning! And I didn’t stop until I knew how to knit a scarf and then a hat and then a cowl. Ever since then, I challenge myself everyday to learn something I don’t know about knitting. Knitting brought me out of a severe depression. I’ll always say knitting, in a way, saved my life! 

When I’ve dyed yarn there is no greater joy seeing people make beautiful things with it. My absolute favorite thing is when the customer and fellow fiber lover AND color enthusiast loves my yarn. That will always be my mission statement in dyeing yarn — to entice your creativity with my hand-dyed yarn and help each and every one of you who have been kind enough to spend your hard-earned money on my yarn feel as though it was worth it! My mission at that point is accomplished. 

I just want to extend the most sincerest thanks to all my customers, fans, fellow knitters, crocheters, yarn lovers and fiber friends! You truly will never know how full my everyday life is to make beautiful hand-dyed yarn! 










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  • I began dyeing last summer because I suddenly developed rheumatoid arthritis and could not Knit. I really have fun with dyeing, but I must say You are truly gifted (Why is my tablet randomly capitalizing words?)! I cannot seem to make small speckles, but I want them for my first cardigan, so from all the gifted dyers I can find, you’re the most accessible to me. I’m getting some Whimsy fingering for the bottom of my Gelato cardigan. I am finally in remission and it’s as though I’ve been let out of prison. I made five hats, seven cowls, and a giant scarf in six weeks before Xmas! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I agree with the joy of dyeing and knitting. Don’t ever crawl out of the pot!

    Lin Haraway on

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